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VitaSpenm is a three-in-one product, It is optimized for washing the sperm pellet recovered after density gradient preparation, for use in swim-up procedures for extending the sperm prior to Intra Uterine Insemination (lUl) and as a maintenance medium VitaSperm’ is an ionically balanced formulation to avoid premature sperm hyperactivation. Sudden pH and osmolarity changes during the movement of sperm from the semen sample to the fertilization medium are minimized.

Avoiding premature hy peractivation conserves energy resources and improves fertilization potential VitaSperm is a HEPES-buffered salt solution which has been formulated specifically to resuspend spem for intra uterine insemination.

The ionic balance in VitaSperm has been designed to ideally meet the requirements of the sperm, while avoiding premature hyperactivation. Sperm survival and fertilizing capacity and therefore also pregnancy rates, can be improved by avoiding media which cause premature hyperactivation,

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