Trypan Blue Solution

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Cell Culture Supplement and Reagent products:

Growth media is used either for cell culture or microbiological culture. These require nutrients, supplements, buffers and other reagents specific to the product being grown to maximize results and consistency. Amino acids, vitamins, and HEPES are among the assorted components added to culture media.

L-glutamine and and L-alanyl-L-glutamine are used in neural cultures for most select survival. Specialty supplement mixtures are available for specific types of cells, such as MEM amino acids and MEM vitamins.

Trypan Blue  Solution

Trypan Blue Stain is a stain used to distinguish viable from nonviable cells. Nonviable cells will absorb the dye and appear blue, while viable cells will exclude the dye. Cells should be in a single cell suspension in buffered saline before counting. Since trypan blue has a higher affinity for serum protein than for cellular proteins, suspending the cells in medium containing serum will generate a dark background. Commonly used to assess cell viability.



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Trypan Blue

0.4% (w/v) in normal saline

(8.1 g/L NaCl with 0.6 g/L K2HPO4)


100 ml

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