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Classic Cell Culture Media:

Classical cell culture media is designed to support the growth of a variety of microorganisms and cells. Our broad selection of growth media include products that are able to add nutrients, such as amino acids and nitrogen.

We offer selective media used for growth of only select microorganisms and finally we offer differential media used distinguish one microorganism type from another growing on the same media. 



Ham's F12 Nutrient Mixture

The F-12 Medium, also known as Ham’s F-12, was formulated by R. G. Ham (1965) for the synthetic, serum-free culturing of single-cell Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. A key change over the predecessor medium F-10 is increased zinc, which greatly improved plating efficiency and reproducibility for CHO cells. F-12 was designed primarily for the plating of single cells and not for supporting populations exceeding 100,000 cells. However, it is now widely used for a variety of mammalian cell types. Depending on the type of culture, F-12 may require serum or protein supplementation.


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F-12 Nutrient Mixture (Ham)

With L-glutamine and

sodium bicarbonate


100 ml


500 ml

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